Introduction to Start-up Workshop

GPGN 490, Start-up Workshop, Spring 2018


This course is a practical introduction to engineering new enterprises. The course will be hands-on but driven by the latest thinking in innovation and entrepreneurship research, as well as the decades of practical experience of the instructors. It is a creative program for creating companies by synthesizing multi-discipline  expertise in a team-focused setting.

In this course, students create a new company, from idea generation to market test. Other steps include:

  • Generating ideas
  • Interviewing potential customers
  • Building a web site
  • Buying ads on Google or elsewhere.
  • Registering a company

The course is taught by three instructors: a VC, an entrepreneur, and an academic. It is offered by UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy.

General Principles

  • Creativity, not Prescription
  • Synthesis, not Silos
  • Teams, not Individuals
  • Practical, not Theoretical

Faculty Biography Page

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