mTurk for research — readings



  • Berkeley Human Subjects guidance on MTurk.  It is not necessarily anonymous.
  • A web site intended to take care of MTurk setup for you. Specifically for userfeedback. See flow chart.
  • A crowd site for MTurk users.  How to Publish a Survey on Mechanical Turk 
  • Academic articles

  • An Analysis of the Use of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for Survey Research in the Cloud

  • Academic working paper.

    Comparing the Reliability of Amazon Mechanical Turk and Survey Monkey to Traditional Market Research Surveys.




Lecture 1: Founding Myths, Assignments

Academic References

Bored and Brilliant: How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas


Where good ideas come from: Natural history of innovation


Intuition and creativity in psychotherapy

Practitioner References


How Slack’s Founders Turned a Failed Video Game Into a Multibillion-Dollar Business Tool


How Twitter Was Founded


Founding of Instagram


Small ideas