Weekly status reports: hypotheses, pitches, tasks

We have prepared a template for each team to prepare weekly. It covers your current vision of your product/service,  your key hypotheses, and how you plan to test them. We provide some hypothetical examples to get you into the spirit applying these ideas, which were discussed last week, to your own situations.

The framework we are using is the “lean startup” approach, or more generally framing your knowledge as hypotheses, rather than facts or assumptions. You progress by identifying the most critical assumptions and testing them as early as possible. Some will fail the tests, setting off the process of rethinking what you are doing. Others will “pass” the test but still lead to recalibrating and adjusting.

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Start-up Workshop: Course Introduction

GPGN 490, Start-up Workshop, Spring 2018


This course is a practical introduction to engineering new enterprises. The course will be hands-on but driven by the latest thinking in innovation and entrepreneurship research, as well as the decades of practical experience of the instructors. It is a creative program for creating companies by synthesizing multi-discipline  expertise in a team-focused setting.

In this course, students create a new company, from idea generation to market test. Other steps include:

  • Generating ideas
  • Interviewing potential customers
  • Building a web site
  • Buying ads on Google or elsewhere.
  • Registering a company

The course is taught by three instructors: a VC, an entrepreneur, and an academic.


General Principles

  • Creativity, not Prescription
  • Synthesis, not Silos
  • Teams, not Individuals
  • Practical, not Theoretical