Random ideas for Meme T-shirts

This page is a forum for faculty to post ideas/suggestions in a form that everyone can see them. We may ultimately decide that another, more bidirectional, method is better. Such as email!

  • https://medium.com/@vacord/why-mechanical-turk-is-the-greatest-market-research-tool-you-never-thought-to-use-872120766ee. This guy owns a screen printing company. So his article could be doubly relevant.
  • Another article by the same guy.  https://medium.com/@vacord/validate-your-new-business-idea-for-just-fifty-bucks-605eb14bf64d
  • Picture sharing sites used by members of a target market could be a quick way to survey what people are interested in. Image search, with some coaching, can find images of people wearing T-shirts. It may be possible to use some beta software from Google or others to look for similarities among images, and in that way perform simple frequency counts. This will be a lot easier than scouring videos or physically walking around multiple cities, although each method is worth using as a check on the other methods.
  • How long does a meme last? Identify 10 to 50 memes of interest, then use online tools to count how often they are mentioned on specific web sites, week by week.

Author: Roger Bohn

Professor of Technology Management, UC San Diego. Visiting Stanford Medical School Rbohn@ucsd.edu. Twitter =Roger.Bohn

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